The hardest decision in all of this (if you don’t know what I mean when I refer to ‘this’, you can get a pretty good idea of the situation by reading this post!) was not deciding whether or not to leave my studies, but instead deciding whether or not to stay in Sydney. I wrote up a list of pros and cons for staying in Sydney, and pros and cons for moving back to Cairns. I also asked the advice of friends and family – even though they can’t make the decision for me, they sure can make it easier.

The winner, without much competition, is Cairns – much to my parents delight!

I am hoping it will be the right decision and that I will be able to move on from all of my setbacks and start over. The most exciting part? I am road tripping my way back from Sydney! A 37-hour lone road trip up the East Coast, with 15+ stops. I will be completing the road trip over 2 weeks, taking my sweet time and spending nights in locations I’ve never been to! Turning it into a holiday has made me so excited for the move. I will be posting photos and blogs all the way back. Finally, I get to be a tourist in my own country!

Commencement of Road Trip Countdown: 39 sleeps!

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