Even though there’s quite a bit of stuff to do and organise before I embark on my road trip, a lot of it can’t be done until it’s a little closer to my moving date. Since I still have to live in my bedroom up until the last day, it’s hard to start packing it up too early – especially since more than 50% of my belongings live in perfect tetris harmony underneath my bed! But, in the meantime, I have decided to create and complete my ‘Sydney Bucket List’ – a list of things I want to see and do before I permanently leave this city.

I’ve been living here for three years, but I’ve only had a car for 6 months – and during that 6 months I’d been focusing on uni and not much on fun or adventure! So believe it or not, I’ve still only seen very little of Sydney. I plan to revisit some old favourites, as well as explore the places I never went to because I assumed I’d have all the time in the world to get to them… first stop: Bondi Beach.

It’s funny to say, but after all of this time I’ve only been to Bondi Beach twice! The first venture was in my first year here – it was a sunny summery Saturday and my first two housemates in Sydney, Claire and Mikayla, convinced me to call in sick to work so that we could have a bonding day. (They didn’t exactly convince me… I had just developed a severe case of FOMO at last minute and didn’t want to have to go to work while they frolicked all day!) I had never called in sick when I wasn’t before, and I tell you, it was invigorating. I remember having one of the best days with those girls. It’ll always be one of those carefree days I wish I could go back and replay.

Now that I think about it, I don’t even remember the second time… If there actually wasn’t one, it’s even crazier that I’ve only been there once! BUT to be completely honest, I find Bondi a little overrated. Yes, it’s beautiful, and yes, you get that beachy Aussie vibe, but it’s just so busy! And very commercial. I’ll be the first to admit, growing up in Australia in a tropical paradisiacal town has spoilt me when it comes to beaches, but I still know to appreciate what we have here. Maroubra beach and Coogee beach are so much more enjoyable – you can get your own space on the sand and relax and not have a million people running around you hoping for their glimpse of the Bondi lifeguards.

In saying that, my visit today was really nice. Most people would think that this particular outing to the beach was a total flop, but not me. I drove out around 4pm, planning to do the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte beach. It had seemed like a nice day, but when I arrived I realised how much the wind had started to pick up. When I got out of the car I thought the wind might actually bowl me over! I snapped some quick shots and got back into my car. The beach was totally empty, except for a few daring surfers catching the crazy waves. I had never seen – or heard of – Bondi being empty. I’m still in shock!

The wind was fierce – my car was rocking from side to side, and then it started to rain. I ended up just sitting there in my car for over an hour, watching the waves and the few surfers in them. It was really peaceful (and peaceful is not a word I ever thought I would use for Bondi Beach!).

Isn’t it funny how things you don’t plan end up being the best memories?

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