False Alarm…

There are some false alarms that I find very annoying. Like our smoke alarm in the kitchen, for example. We seem to be masterchef-ing away one second only to be standing on a chair and attacking the SILENCE button on the alarm the next. We’ve never burnt anything! That’s why these false alarms aren’t helpful or reassuring, just stressful. Particularly when there is a $1000 fee for not shutting it off before the fire department is dispatched – Yikes.

Then there are some false alarms could be annoying but you’re not really that invested in them. Like when my housemate Emma offered to cook me French toast one day only to quickly follow up with “oh wait, we have no eggs, don’t worry” before I could even think of how nice it would be. Annoyance diverted, but since the option was there the French toast technically still existed… but not enough to worry too much. So it’s okay Em.

Then there are false alarms that are so fantastic you can’t even be mad that they put you out! Like me staying in Sydney and not moving back to Cairns. Surprise!

I had been having a lot of second thoughts about my upcoming move back to the Little Smoke and I realised I just wasn’t happy with the decision. It wasn’t easier and it wasn’t what I truly desired, so why was I trying to trick myself into thinking it was? Luckily a lady messaged me last minute to fill in for a children’s entertainer job the other week. I had done children’s entertainment in the past and it was what I had hoped to continue doing, but I had never worked for this particular lady. I’m so glad she contacted me because the three days I spent under her company name were enough to make me say “wait a second! This might be great!”.

I went into her office for an induction day and explained my situation and I was met with a very awesome response, assuring me I would have a good amount of work with this company. I have never met a lady so kind and eager to make life easy… what a blessing. An absolute blessing and it came into my life at just the right time! I guess everything really does happen for a reason.

After speaking with her I immediately enrolled in a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, which I will be doing online via correspondence in addition to (hopefully!) finding a part time daycare job. I made all the phone calls I needed to and I couldn’t stop beaming about the fact that I was actually going to stay in Sydney!

It’s been a bumpy ride to get back to this point and although it’s not the completely fresh start I would’ve had in Cairns, it’s a fresh Sydney start. My favourite lesson I have learned from this little experience is simple: I live in a beautiful and exciting city and I have hardly explored anything. My Sydney Bucket List will be staying active and this time around I will make my Sydney life monumentally more worth it.

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