The East Coast

I’ve been very busy over the past few days, planning and packing for my upcoming trip! I have definitely done more planning than packing, but I’ll get to it…

I’m excited that I’ve finalised (most of) my accomodation and stops along the way. I’m only waiting now to touch base with some family to make sure I can stay with them while I’m passing through. I’m very lucky to have so many family members scattered along the way – it will be the best of both worlds! An independent trip, my own time frame, my choice of sight-seeing and my own rules, but visiting the family will keep me from getting too lonely on the road. So, so lucky.

This is what my Trip Planner currently looks like:

22 stops in there, and they are mainly places I’ve never been before! I’m getting more and more excited to explore this beautiful part of the country. I’m very grateful that a trip like this is possible, and that I don’t just have to hop on a plane and leave. This road trip will undoubtedly help soothe the pain of walking away from this mammoth part of my life.

I don’t want to go into too much detail now about the places I’ll be visiting because I’ll be doing lots of posts along the way, but I just thought I’d post my little Trip Planner as a teaser.

Only 14 days to go!

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