Vivid at Taronga Zoo: My Last Night in Sydney

How time flies! My final night in Sydney has arrived and I cannot believe how fast the last three weeks have gone!

I spent the day re-packing my car to make sure everything would comfortably fit and that I would be able to see out of all the windows. I was getting pretty nervous considering at one point I could only fit two thirds of my belongings in my car! Everything worked out in the end because the Tetris going on in the back of Jessie Jazz is actually phenomenal (if I do say so myself – which I do, hehe).

This evening I went with my cousin, Renee, and her babies over to Taronga Zoo to see the ‘light animals’. It’s currently the Centenary Celebration of Taronga, and it happens to also be the time of year that the Vivid Light Festival happens in Sydney. So, to celebrate both, Taronga has put on a huge display of light-up animals. It was pretty amazing, and a great way to spend my last night in Sydney.

I’ll be back tomorrow night, writing from Port Macquarie – Day 1 of the Road Trip!