Day 2 | Port Macquarie to Byron Bay

I’d been looking forward to Day 2 from the moment I started planning my trip, so when I woke up this morning I was so excited I thought I would pee my pants! Today was the day I got to visit the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour! I’d heard some seriously good things about their Banana Split… My stomach was rumbling the second I woke up – a rumble only bananas could satisfy.

I arrived at my big yellow destination around 11:30am – just in time for lunch! After practically sprinting up the driveway from the carpark (I was so excited – did I mention?) I took some photos of, and with, the Banana. I met a really nice couple and after offering to take their photo they returned the favour and blessed me with the photo above – check out what a stunning day it was! As much as I loved my Belfie (Banana Selfie, of course) I was really thrilled to get a proper photo. I will probably print this photo into a canvas. Probably. That is how much this experience shaped me (I guess I just REALLY love bananas).

After absolutely flooding my phone with photos I was so ready to hit up the food stand. I didn’t have breakfast because I’d had a feeling I’d be ordering a fair bit once I saw the menu at the Banana… In the end I just got a wrap for lunch and followed it up with the mightiest and tastiest of all banana-y treats – the famous Big Banana Split. It was even better than I had dreamed.

After coming to terms with the fact that I had to leave this establishment and possibly never have a banana split this good again ever in my life… I moved on to the gift shop where I bought myself a magnet (I’ve decided magnets will be my souvenir of choice on this trip. They are so handy and generally not too expensive).

Originally I’d planned that I would stay and check out the activities they had to offer – it’s the Big Banana Fun Park after all – but the things they offered (ice skating, toboggan rides, laser tag) were all activities that seemed only worthwhile with more than one person. So I passed and got back into Jessie Jazz for the next leg of our trip.

One thing I’ve noticed during this trip is that I’ve never driven 90km/h before. I’ve driven 60, 70, 80, 100… but never 90! I find it really bizarre. I remember first seeing a 90 sign during yesterday’s drive and I actually spoke out loud to myself about how odd it was! Now I’ve seen it so often I can’t imagine ever having been surprised, ha! Another thing I’ve noticed – really truly noticed – is how much it sucks to be a P Plater in NSW. I hate having to go 100 in the 110 zones. Everyone speeds around me, I feel foolish, and I get places slower than expected. Definitely looking forward to hitting the QLD border and being able to go over 100!

Next up, and my last stop for the day, Byron Bay. I arrived at my hostel at 4:30pm. I’m staying at the Arts Factory Backpacker’s Lodge – a very different vibe to my quiet motel from last night! I’ve got a private room though, so I have gotten to enjoy the different atmosphere while still knowing I’ll get a really good sleep. There is a brewery across from the hostel that has a restaurant and cinema inside it. I chose to have dinner there, mainly because of the convenience, but I was really super impressed. The menu was amazing and had a bunch of specials, and the food was so good! I would love to go back but it’s not open for breakfast which is a shame.

It’s only just after 8 now and I’m already in bed! I’m unfortunately feeling pretty sick. Instead of socialising outside I’ve decided to get stuck into my book and get to sleep early, hopefully I’ll wake up fighting fit in the morning.