Day 3 | Byron Bay to Tweed Heads

I managed to get a bit of a sleep-in this morning because I didn’t have anywhere to be in a hurry – my first and only stop today was Tweed Heads. I checked out right on 10am and hopped in Jessie Jazz on a quest to find some breakfast. I drove up to the Byron Bay lighthouse hoping to have something to eat up there, but it was so busy that there was no parking anywhere near it and I had to come back down.

I found Byron Fresh near the main street and decided it looked pretty good. There were plenty of people and it was a pretty trendy menu so I figured I would give it a go. I ordered a haloumi stack (mainly because it was one of the only meals without kale) and a berry smoothie and was very pleased with my choices. It was a bit expensive for breakfast, but I guess that’s the ‘trendy menu’ striking again. After eating I popped over the road into a touristy gift shop and bought a magnet as a souvenir. I didn’t take any photos of Byron – it wasn’t really my favourite – so my magnet is the only real proof I was even there.

I was on my way to Tweed Heads not long after midday. It was a very short drive and I had arrived before I knew it. I drove past Tweed City Shopping Centre and decided to go in to get something to eat and have a browse of the stores. I wasn’t there for long before phoning Kathryn to let her know I was ten minutes away from her house. I drove over and we had a nice little catch-up before she took me sight seeing.

Tweed Heads and it’s surroundings are SO beautiful. I hadn’t really heard much about it and didn’t know anyone else who lived in the area, so I was very surprised to find that it was one of the nicest places I have ever been. Very serene and beachy, but at the same time a really vibrant town. Kathryn knows so many facts about the area and she drove me around pointing different things out and telling me about them. It’s a very fascinating place. I was particularly excited to see the NSW/QLD border so I could stand half in one state and half in the other! Very

I found it really funny to stand at the border – the whole things seems so silly! And it is. Kathryn was explaining to me that because NSW and QLD are an hour apart during Daylight Savings months, two stores that are right next to each other on one street could ultimately be different time zones! One of her local cinemas is a different time zone to her house. Ridiculous. Although it would be fun to say, “I’m just gonna pop over to Queensland to catch a movie!”

After showing me a few more sights we went home to get ready for dinner. Kathryn and Steve like to go dancing on Saturday nights, so we were heading somewhere they could dance! I had a yummy lasagne for dinner, followed by a mousse for dessert (I’ve really been living it up food-wise this trip!). They did some dancing, we all did some talking, and after a couple of hours we went home.

I’m in bed pretty early again – still quite sick and my cough is getting worse. Off to Brisbane tomorrow!