Day 4 | Tweed Heads to Brisbane

I left Tweed Heads fairly early this morning and made my way to Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast. I’ve been to the Gold Coast area quite a few times before so I hadn’t planned to stay very long – I really just wanted a photo of the Surfer’s Paradise sign to send to my parents as an indication of how far along in my trip I was (and to post here!).

I’d put an hour in the parking meter so I decided to have a wander through the main strip. The Ripley’s Believe It Or Not attraction caught my eye because I remembered doing it with my mum when I was much younger. I’ve always wanted to go back so I figured today was as good a day as any. I did the walk through fairly quickly because I only had 40 minutes to get back to my car, but it was very doable considering I’d already seen it once before. I’d forgotten about a lot of the things inside, but some I remembered very well! I remembered the tallest man because I have a photo standing with him, and I also remembered that the mirrors that encourage you to make funny faces are actually not proper mirrors, but double sided so people who have already walked through can see you making a fool of yourself – well, you didn’t fool me this time Ripley!

I went back to Jessie and began my drive to Brisbane. I put Queen Street Mall into my GPS because I knew my best friend, Hanna, would be working and I couldn’t wait until the evening to see her – very impatient! It was an easy drive and because it was a Sunday the parking at the mall was a flat rate of $10, so I was pleased that it was cheap (in comparison at least, ha! Can be up to $80 on a regular weekday). I surprised Hanna in the store she works in and we agreed that I’d pick her up from her place later in the evening so we could head to dinner. It started to rain pretty heavily around this time, and the rain continued into the night.

Before seeing Hanna again I drove to where I am staying for the next three days, in with my Aunty Colleen, Uncle Jo, and cousins – Jack, Jesse and Connor (there is a fourth cousin, Dylan, but he just moved to Cairns himself!). After a quick catch up everyone headed out to their respective dinner plans and I got myself ready and met Hanna at her building.

Hanna and I always have so much to catch up on whenever we see each other. We talk and talk and talk and talk. You’d think we’d run out of things to talk about, but we never do. Ever. The friendship I have with Hanna is the most important relationship I have with someone who is not related by blood – although I count Hanna as family! She is my tippity-top best friend. I have a lot of wonderful friends, but everyone who knows us knows that Katie & Hanna are a package deal! Best buds for life. In Sydney, when I would have a bad day or feel lonely, I would remember that not only do I have a best friend in Hanna, but I have a lifelong best friend in Hanna… and how could I possibly need anything more?

I drove us back into Queen Street Mall and we chose to have dinner at Jimmy’s. I wasn’t a fan of my meal but Hanna’s looked amazing! We caught up over dinner and then went for a little stroll around the area before deciding on a waffle place for dessert. We did some more talking until we had to leave so the store could close.

When I dropped Hanna home I followed her upstairs so I could see the apartment that she shares with Nick, her boyfriend. It was so nice to see her Brisbane life. We talked and talked and talked again, laughing and making jokes like we were back in high school and nothing had changed – I’m sure Nick was sick of the sound of my voice by the time I left, haha! But I was so happy to see them both again. We’ve made plans to go to Putt Putt tomorrow afternoon which I am beyond keen for!