Day 5 | Brisbane

I woke up at 6:30am today. Why? I’m not really sure. I just woke up and felt like there was no chance I’d get back to sleep, so I got up and started my day. I finished the book I’d been reading just before 8:30, and then I watched some tele with my Aunty. I was waiting for Connor to wake up so we could go out on an adventure. Once he woke up we left to go to the Chermside Westfield for a quick bite to eat before meeting Hanna and Nick at their place – Putt Putt time!

The four of us caught an Uber to the Victoria Park Putt Putt and we got our game started. We were there for over an hour, maybe even two – taking our sweet time to finish the 18 holes. I was positively terrible, but I was having so much fun – I love mini golf, even though I’m not the most talented mini golfer around. I came last – by a fair bit – but Hanna won, so that made it okay!

After Putt Putt we got an Uber into the city where we were going to have dinner. We chose to eat at Jojo’s which has apparently been in Queen Street Mall for years and years. The food was SO good. We each ordered a milkshake with our dinner – they were gourmet milkshakes, topped with brownies and donuts! Hanna’s donut fell off her milkshake and into her glass of water (which was HILARIOUS!) but they brought her a new one… and then they got confused and brought our table another one after that! It was raining donuts. We kept trying to think of ways we could get a third one delivered.

We were all so full after dinner so we just sat around talking for a bit. We were trying to decide what to do next when Nick suggested we go bowling! When we got to Strike we noticed that they did escape rooms. Their attraction was called Exitus. You get locked in a room for 50 minutes and have to solve riddles and find clues to unlock the doors. Hanna and I pleaded to do one instead of bowling and the boys were more than happy to give it a go. We chose the one called Secret Garden (after I wussed out from doing a scarier one). We were told it had a 20%-30% success rate, but we were feeling pretty good. We managed to make it out with two minutes to spare! We were pretty impressed with ourselves. By then, we were hooked on Exitus and decided to do another one! The Butcher’s Burrow was much scarier on the inside, with blood splattered and body limbs scattered. Again we made it out with two minutes to spare! It had the same difficulty rating as the first one, but there is one other that is a 3%-5% success rate. We’ve all agreed that the four of us will attempt it the next time I’m in Brisbane. (P.S. I’ll have a photo of us at the escape room soon, which I’ll put in here!)

Once we’d finished up at Strike we walked to the ferry and waited to be taken home. Our ferry came just after midnight and it stopped a short walk from Hanna and Nick’s place. We all walked back together and then I drove Connor and myself home.

It was a very fun day with some very fun people. In fact, I haven’t had that much fun in a very long time! I’ve really missed my bestie.