Things to Do in Cairns (That You Might Not Know About!)

Ah, Cairns. My beautiful home! I love living in such a stunning part of the world. Although we locals often take Cairns for granted there’s really nowhere else like it! We’ve got the countryside for camping on long weekends, we’ve got the Great Barrier Reef for island days in summer, and we’ve got the city centre for food and entertainment in between – we’re a lucky bunch. These are a few of my favourite things to do in Cairns that you might not know about!

See a show at Paramour Cabaret Theatre
Now this might be a little biased as I’m actually a performer at Paramour, but I swear it’s more than worth going to! It is the only permanent cabaret in Cairns and all of the performers are local! Paramour creates and performs unique cabaret variety shows often including singers, dancers, drag queens, burlesque dancers, aerial artists, and more! They also host comedy nights and improv nights, they have a tapas menu available, and a fully stocked bar. It’s a great choice for an 18+ night on the town!

Paramour Cabaret Theatre is located underneath the Cairns Reef Hotel Casino.

Camping at the Mareeba Drive-in

Going to the Mareeba Drive-in is my all-time favourite thing to do, hands down. If I could go every single weekend I would! I found my love of it after Ethan and I decided to go together for date night two years ago. We piled pillows and blankets into the back of my car so we could lay down and we ran my car battery dry using the car radio for sound. We had to get the car jumpstarted to get home, but it didn’t put a dampener on our experience! We loved it so much that we kept going and going and going and now we go every time we have a free Friday or Saturday night! We’ve since moved on to a double camping swag and bluetooth radio though, so you can tell we take it seriously.

If you’re visiting Cairns – or you’re a local and haven’t been! – we highly recommend going to the drive-in. I tell anyone who will listen all about it. It’s a family owned and operated business, it’s on every Friday and Saturday night, it’s $14 entry, and you get to watch two new release films back to back with a short break in between. You can camp for free on movie nights too! They also have an amaaaaazing canteen with super delicious food. We never spend more than $60 total when we go – talk about a cheap but awesome date night! The Mareeba Drive-in is located in Mareeba (of course) which is roughly a one hour drive from Cairns city.

Catch some professional wrestling at a Pro Wrestling Power show
You read that right! Professional WWE style wrestling is alive and well here in Cairns! The team at Pro Wrestling Power put on a show once a month for their fans and let me tell you… It. Is. Wild.

I had never seen wrestling before going to a PWP show and now I love it! I get so caught up in all the different storylines and the display of athleticism from the wrestlers is incredible! My personal favourite is E10! (Yes, he may be my boyfriend, but he’s also just genuinely phenomenal at what he does! He’s a real crowd pleaser.)

Enjoy a hike up to the Glacier Rock Lookout
I’ve actually written a pretty comprehensive post about this hike, so definitely check that out if you’re thinking about giving it a go! I would highly recommend it. It’s easily one of the best hikes in Cairns for a beginner to see a beautiful view.

Alternatively, if this hike is to long for your liking, the Red Arrow track on Mt Whitfield or the Earl Hill track out at Trinity Beach are also great options!

Visit Fitzroy Island
Out of everything I’ve listed, this is probably the most typical! However, in saying that, when I speak to people who are visiting Cairns they often tell me that they’re going to Green Island. Green Island is beautiful, but my personal favourite is Fitzroy Island. It’s less likely that a tourist will go to Fitzroy because they just don’t seem to be told about it – at least not in the same capacity that they’re told about Green Island! Do yourself a favour and see the beauty of Fitzroy Island for yourself. You won’t regret it.



Let me know if you do (or have done!) any of the things on these list in the comments!