Author: runawaykatie

It was super difficult to keep this a secret, but my cousin Renee, her two beautiful baby boys, and I booked a flight in secret and flew to Cairns this afternoon! Nobody knew except for us, so it was a big happy surprise for everyone when we arrived at their doorsteps out of the blue!

First we surprised my parents, who couldn’t believe I was home, then we surprised her parents, who couldn’t believe we were here with their grandbabies! Then we sent a photo to our cousins and invited everyone over for a mini family reunion. It is incredible to be home and to see everyone again. I even hid behind my best friend’s car and gave her a bit of a fright after she finished work, which was awesome! I haven’t seen her in so long, and she flies to Europe tomorrow – so I made it just in time!

It is just so good to be home. Cairns is beautiful. I have some very tough decisions to make over the next week, and it’ll be nice to have my parents and family around to chat to about the whole situation…

Expect updates soon!

Welcome to my little space on the internet!

I have been wanting to start my own blog for quite some time, so now that I am about to embark on a brand new journey, I figured that there would be no better time than now. A quick look at the basics – I’m Katie, I’m 19 years old and I’m originally from Cairns. I have spent the last three years of my life living in the biggest city in Australia, away from my friends and family, studying my dream degree – but I plan to go into much more detail about that venture very soon…

I hope that by getting my thoughts and musings out of my head and onto these pages I will find peace within the decisions I make in the next few years. My writing will be very broadly based on the goings on in my life – anything and everything goes. I’m excited to get started!