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Try It Tuesday: Detox26 Review

Today I wanted to kickstart a new series idea for posts (and hopefully eventually vlogs!): Try It Tuesday. I love trying new things that relate to health & wellness as well as other things whether it be a class, a new restaurant, a game… and I know that a lot of people are often quite cautious to spend time or money on things that they don’t have a lot of information on. That’s where I come in! I always enjoy giving something new a go – especially if it means the end result could be a healthier, happier version of myself! If there’s anything you think I should try – anything at all! – send me a message or post a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Today I want to let you all know about a pretty cool and relatively new Aussie company: Detox26.  

Detox26 was created in 2017 and is run by a power couple who have released their own take on the hugely popular and highly successful hCG weight loss program. The idea of utilising hCG to help people lose weight was first introduced by a British endocrinologist, Dr Simeons, in the 1950s. Detox26 takes this foundation and builds on it to create an easy to follow program that promotes not a diet but a lifestyle change.

My experience with Detox26 has been phenomenal. From the results I have seen in myself to the personalised motivation and support from the founders that was available every step of the way. I find it incredibly hard to fault.

First thing’s first: this program has been so carefully crafted and it is easy to see the hard work and dedication that has gone into perfecting it. So without telling you exactly step by step how to follow this program, I will try to explain as best I can without harming in any way the future growth of the Detox26 company. (i.e. I don’t want to tell you all their fabulous secrets because that’s just not fair on them!) I also just want to point out – I am NOT a nutritionist or health professional. I am merely sharing my own personal experience. Please consult your doctor before beginning any new weight loss programs. 

I will happily share my personal experience below but first I will explain the stages of the program.

Detox26 is made up of four phases:
PHASE 1 (Loading)
Loading is essentially eating lots of good fats for two days so that you ‘load’ your body in preparation for the hardcore fat burning you’re about to enjoy.

PHASE 2 (The Real Deal)
For Phase 2 you choose a calorie plan (500, 800 or 1200) and you stick to it for a minimum of 26 days or a maximum of 60 days. BEFORE you say “WHAT! 500 calories!? You’re not eating enough!” remember that this program is built from the foundations of the hCG program and has been expanded upon by a fitness professional. The drops that you purchase from Detox26 are taken up to three times a day and they help you to access your fat stores which in turn suppresses your hunger. They do not contain any nasties and are made from natural ingredients.  They leave you feeling satisfied helping you stay true to your chosen calorie plan. The drops – or patches, if you prefer – contain an active ingredient which is a biologically natural hormone produced during pregnancy. You probably guessed it – that ingredient is hCG!

During Phase 2, in addition to taking your drops or wearing your patches, you follow a carefully researched food protocol. Simply put: if it’s not on the list, it’s not on your plate. The choices on the list are excellent and there are so many options. Detox26 also sends you a recipe book that you can cook from if you are feeling stuck.

The best part though, in my opinion, is the exclusive facebook group that is available only for members of the program. You are not only able to see other people’s results and hear their feedback, but you also get a heap of new meal ideas and so much support! The support doesn’t just come from the other members. The founders of the program are also there to help you and answer any questions. I can confidently say that you will not find many programs that have such a personal touch to them and this is done particularly well by the Detox26 directors.

To really simply sum it up: you take drops (or wear patches), you follow a food protocol and limit your portion sizes dependent on your lifestyle, and you support other members while they support you. That’s it. Simple, yes? Yes! And it works!

PHASE 3 (Reset)
This part has you using Reset drops for 21 days while you reset and maintain your new weight. You are still kind of eating to protocol here, but also introducing a variety of different nourishing foods and healthy fats. You can also go back to eating more than 500/800/1200 cals now.

PHASE 4 (Lifestyle Changed)
Phase 4 is the finale. This is your new life. But Detox26 will always be there if you ever have new goals or need more support to get where you want to be. You can partake in the program as many times as you wish!

So how do you choose which calorie plan is right for you? I’ve taken the following information directly from the Detox26 website.

500 CALS = Minimal or no exercise is required as it pulls energy from the stored fat and the additional calories from the food you consume to burn maximum fat.

800 CALS = Suitable for those individuals who are currently undertaking moderate physical active of around 90 minutes per week.

1200 CALS = This plan is designed specifically for those who are physically active daily with a demanding job or by physical activity.

My Personal Experience with Detox26
I chose to follow the 500 calorie plan, as do most people trying Detox26 for the first time. Personally, I did not find myself with any detox symptoms and I was never ever hungry for no reason. What I mean there is that I was only getting hungry when I was due to eat – once I ate my meal I would go straight back to feeling perfectly satisfied. The drops really do work! I am moderately active, attending or teaching dance classes or training at the gym several times a week (sometimes less!). I also have a full time job that keeps me on my feet and walking around for 9 hours of the day. I didn’t do any extra exercise while I was following protocol, I just stuck to my normal routine.

During my first 26 days with Detox26, I released 4.3kg and had lost 30+ centimetres from all over my body. This loss brought me into the ideal weight range for my age and height which is great! However, I didn’t complete the full 26 days to perfection and if I had followed it through more thoroughly I do not doubt that I would have lost even more. Regardless, I am still sitting here today, a few weeks later, having maintained that weight loss. I get compliments almost every day with people mentioning the change they can see in my body.

I decided to partake in Detox26 for the nutrition aspect. I literally wanted to detox – I wanted to stop craving sugar and stop craving junk. I knew this would be a great way to do it. I was excited about the weight loss aspect and I got heavily involved in tracking my progress almost immediately, but at the beginning that was really just a bonus and all I wanted was to change the way I looked at food.

I’m really happy to say that I now very very rarely crave anything sugary or sweet… If someone is eating something sweet I don’t really feel the need to have it as well. I use only natural sweetener in my coffee and that’s it. I eat much smaller portion sizes now than I used to, and I’m not even trying. I just feel full! I quite willingly will choose a salad or some fish over a burger or some fries when I’m out to eat. My only challenge now is my love affair with pasta… that may never subside.

All in all, I had a very positive experience with Detox26 and I know many others who are in the exclusive Facebook group are also very impressed and thrilled by the program. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone struggling with their food habits or their weight. I would happily do the challenge again! In fact I have recently received my new bottle of drops and plan to start back on protocol this week coming to see how much further I can go… maybe pasta will be a thing of the past(a)?

Let me know if you have tried or are maybe now planning to try Detox26!
Leave me a comment down below!



Adventures in Far North Queensland: Glacier Rock Lookout Hike

I’m a pretty big fan of walking up giant mountains and I am not afraid to admit that it’s at least 85% because of the view at the top. Yes, I definitely enjoy the physical aspect. Of course, I am most certainly crazy about the influx of outdoors ensued endorphins. Absolutely, I love getting amongst nature in one of the most beautiful rainforest filled parts of the world. And obviously, working up a sweat under the tropical sun is awesome. BUT that view!? That view is good enough to surpass all those things.


Glacier Rock is a three hour round hike suitable for reasonably fit people of all ages. When I say ‘reasonably fit’ I really do just mean reasonably. It is not the most difficult hike I have ever done and there are plenty of options for stops along the way. As long as you can walk at a normal pace you should be fine to do Glacier Rock!

The hike starts at the Stoney Creek carpark, so type that straight into Google Maps and make your way to the carpark. Cross the bridge above Stoney Creek and start your journey through the rainforest. From there it’s all straightforward and simple – just make sure you keep going until you get to the top! Some people stop about an hour in because they think that’s all it is. If it’s not the view in these photos, keep going up!


The hike is a very well established network of Aboriginal walking tracks boasting a great deal of history. The Djabugandgi Bama walked these tracks for trade, seasonal food gathering and to visit ceremonial sites. In the period of early European contact – around the late 1800s – the network of walking tracks was adapted by gold miners, cattle drovers and railway workers to cater for pack horses which is what inevitably turned it into what we see today when we walk the track.

The first time I walked the track I took my mum with me. We made it up and back in 3.5 hours, but that time included a half hour stop at the top for some refuelling (snacks, lots of snacks). We are not crazy fit nor do we do long distance hikes often, but we made it there and back with relative ease.

The second time I took my friend, Kate, with me. Again the actual walking part took three hours. The third time Kate and I invited another friend, Rhianne. Once more, three hour walking time. So I am very confident to say that three hours is what you can expect if you are planning to take your time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Here are my top tips for the Glacier Rock Lookout Hike:

  1. Bring lots of water and plenty of healthy snacks. I would recommend a litre of water per person, especially in the Summer months. Cairns is a very hot and humid place and the sun is no joke – trust me on this one, water is essential. We usually take a backpack and take turns carrying it. Snacks like sandwiches and fruit always make us feel much better when we get to the top and it’s also nice to enjoy the view with a little picnic.
  2. Go early in the morning – that’s when it is the coolest here in Cairns. The middle of the day is the hottest, so try to avoid the main part of the uphill walk between 11am and 1pm. The view is also much clearer in general in the early hours of the morning.
  3. Bring swimmers! Stoney Creek is a beautiful and safe swimming hole with fresh water for cooling off. It’s also a quiet swimming hole, so most days you may get a whole area to yourself! Be sure to keep an eye on children though as there are a lot of rocks.
  4. Stop when you need to stop – this hike is stunning and there is SO much to see. I am confident that you will want to stop and look around as much as possible, so do that! There’s nothing like Far North Queensland.
  5. This IS a nature hike so please be mindful of the things that can be surrounding you while out and about in Australian nature. Always be aware and don’t venture off the very clearly marked path. Be cautious!
  6. If it has been raining or it is raining, I would recommend rescheduling your hike to the Glacier Rock Lookout until it is dry. This can be a steep hike in some parts and as it is all dirt it can get very slippery and dangerous in wet weather. Again, be cautious!
  7. Most importantly – take some kind of camera! You won’t want to miss this shot! Your friends will be reeling with jealousy when they see the amazing things you got to see and do in Cairns.

I’d love to see your photos and hear about your Glacier Rock experience – leave me a comment down below!